About Daniela Languages

Daniela Languages Ltd is an integrated, multilingual language solution

Our young team is determined to bring the experience of DANIELA LANGUAGES to the businesses and hi-tech companies of the world.

The advantage over most of the providers of the service is that we have been working as professional interpreters and translators for more than 10 years on the front line. Therefore we know how to satisfy the needs of both parties: customers and interpreters/translators.

Our range of services includes translation and interpreting in all world languages for public organisations, corporate clients and private individuals, localisation, editing, proofreading and cultural advice.

Daniela Languages combines and enhances the knowledge and experience of its specialists in order to offer complete and comprehensive service. Thanks to our young and dynamic team and the consistent innovations, we have been able to continually offer our clients new possibilities and improved forms of communication.

Ever since the establishment of Daniela Languages customer satisfaction has always been paramount to us. We carefully select our partners and along with our experience and knowledge, we ensure that all projects and assignments are both reliably and competently processed and completed.


The following five (5) values explain how we behave and conduct business, both as a company and as individuals.


1. Commitment to Quality

“Offering high quality translations every time” is the business objective we have set out to achieve since the establishment of Daniela Languages. This has been the underlying philosophy of our organization growth and international expansion.

2. Adaptability

Every client operates with unique business infrastructure and processes. Daniela Languages is always ready and willing to integrate and adjust to clients’ internal workflows, content management tools, accounting, and financial systems to achieve required performance levels.

3. Technical Expertise

It is vitally important not only to use native language, qualified translators in order to guarantee the highest quality translations but also to utilize language technology successfully in order to transfer benefits to our clients. Daniela Languages operates with the philosophy of continually advising its clients and taking initiative to help them create or update their company specific translation solutions.

4. Stability

We believe in growing and advancing along our people and clients. The company’s main focus is on creating a productive and enjoyable workplace for its employees that subsequently has led to the full commitment and dedication of the entire team. Even in this extreme economic downturn, Daniela Languages is a financially healthy company with net profits rising every year.

5. Collaboration

Intense competition and advancements in technology have led the industry players to pick up their pace and transfer knowledge throughout their supply chain. Daniela Languages has identified the need to work with different teams/ departments and operates with an open and sharing philosophy of know-how and expertise in order to continuously upgrade its services and meet client requirements.